Actual Flexible Circuit

Seems to be real flexible circuit: transistors made out of flexible stuff.

To make stretchable electronic devices, it’s not possible for us to simply swap the silicon with a polymer

Zhenan Bao of Stanford University

The method developed by Bao and her colleagues fabricates 2- μm-wide transistors from semiconducting polymers using ultraviolet light. The first step is to coat a silicon wafer with a water-soluble material and then with a stretchable, inert material, which acts as the base for the “skin.” On top of this base, the researchers deposit a roughly 150-nm-thick layer of a conducting polymer. Rectangular structures are then created in this layer by passing ultraviolet light through a patterned mask. Exposed regions form bonds, or “crosslinks,” between polymers. The crosslinked parts become the gates of a transistor, while unexposed polymer regions are washed away.

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