Notes from DDW Part 1

 HILO Spinning Machine Last year I saw a digital spinning machine, project HILO, and talked with weaver who built it, Sara Diaz Rodriguez. I was excited by the engineering (arduino driven), and we talked about working together. The project & Sara Diaz Rodriguez was at DDW again with the next generation machine (all opensource!). Looks like I’ll go to Berlin this summer to work with her! We should build one of these at MICA.

  • For three years I’ve been thinking about a haptic navigation device for bicycles, and finally built the first proof-of-concept this summer. Kevin Krüger from HTW-Berlin built one using visual clues instead of haptics (as my co-conspirator Alison Safford suggested). I plan to contact him to share/build on his project. (Can’t find an image or website….)

Image result for happybots felix

Related to a previous post, Expression with The Minimal, there was an even more minimal expression project, Felix. It was able to convey a range of emotions with only the shape of the eyes.

test 4.pngThe Trash-2-Cash project is using Ioncell-F to process “used” cellulose and respin it for textiles. I was wondering about using the process with bacterial nano-cellulose (one wonders why though). I need to look up ioncell-F, since it is claimed to be environmentally friendly: “Ioncell-F technology converts wood into textiles without harmful chemicals”.



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